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Council OKs plan to buy land for wells

February 16, 2000

Water from two test wells that the city drilled is high in iron and hardness but is treatable, according to Chris Eppley, city administrator.

In November, the city entered into a $2,000 access agreement with Pamela Cooper to drill test wells on her property, which is close to the Kansas River, near Linwood off Leavenworth County Road 25.

Eppley told city council members Monday night that the ideal wells to use would secure water for Tonganoxie for at least 30 years.

"I would prefer not to have to do this again anytime in the future," Eppley said.

Eppley wants to try to build a treatment plant if the city purchases Cooper's land.

"It would be a very long process, but first we need to decide if we want to tie up the land," he said. "The treatment plant would pay itself off down the line. It's an expensive project and it scares me thinking about it."

But first things first. The city must buy the property and obtain water rights.

The council gave their consent for Eppley to start negotiating for the land and looking into receiving water rights for the 50 acres it would purchase. It usually takes 30 to 60 days to obtain water rights once application is made.

The city has money left over from a bond issue to purchase the land and possibly the well heads.

Also Monday night, council members approved purchase of a pumper truck for the fire department at a cost of about $152,000.

If the truck were not a demonstrator, it would cost about $210,000. The purchase will be made a year ahead of what the city originally planned, but payments will not start for a year.

The truck will replace a 39-year-old truck.

It holds 1,000 gallons of water, which fire chief Charlie Conrad said is enough to attack a residential fire.

The department should have the truck in about four weeks.

"It is an excellent truck at a minimal cost," Conrad said. "I think the city and people in town ought to appreciate it."

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