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Community must stop school vandals

January 5, 2000

Once again, Tonganoxie school property has been targeted by criminals.

Each taxpayer in the Tonganoxie school district should be outraged. And each taxpayer should commit himself or herself to helping local school and law enforcement officials to determine who is responsible.

Late last week, vandals spray-painted lewd drawings and words on the patio at the high school, as well as on a footbridge behind the school.

Earlier that week, someone broke into the junior high school. They apparently took nothing, but smashed two windows.

And on Dec. 21, someone broke the stems off 30 tires on 14 school district buses. The buses were disabled, and district officials had to scramble to ensure students made it to school.

Enough is enough.

These are not silly pranks. These are serious crimes crimes against the public.

It is great the school district is considering stepping up its security measures. It is sad that it has to.

School and law enforcement officials are working to find the culprits. And, based on rumors that are flying throughout this community, those who committed these crimes are boasting.

Once police and school officials are satisfied that they know who committed these crimes, those officials should take swift action. It should be made clear that the Tonganoxie police and school district do not tolerate such attacks on the city's schools.

And it should be made clear that Tonganoxie taxpayers do not tolerate such attacks, either.

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