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Letters to the editor

January 5, 2000

Support for highway route
To the editor:

My friends and I would recommend that the Kansas Department of Transportation decide to widen U.S. Highway 24-40 to Lawrence and Williamstown with the present route.

Let's let some of our former decisions and mistakes be forgotten and let's go forward with a new proposal. I think it is a very good one.

It will be good for Tonganoxie and for the whole community.

Albert Doege,
Stranger Township.

County expenditures on the rise
To the editor:

County property taxes are rising because the cost of county government is increasing. County expenditures increased by 15.82 percent between 1999 and 2000 and have increased by 24.35 percent since 1998.

Since property taxes are the county's major revenue source, the county commissioners must continue to increase property taxes. The 2000 budget shows that property taxes account for 32.62 percent of total county revenues $9,562,198 in 2000. Property taxes account for 42 percent of the total revenue increase between 1999 and 2000. Growth in the property tax base provides additional property tax revenue without raising the tax rate, but still 76 percent of next year's $1,702,441 increase in property taxes comes from a 16 percent increase in the tax rate.

It will take even more increases in the Leavenworth County property tax rate to produce the revenue needed to provide county services and improvement in the future. That is why Leavenworth County must maximize the fiscal effect of the countywide sales tax by lifting the "sunset." If the "sunset" was lifted at the end of 2000, the county could pay for the Justice Center, allocate $500,000 per year toward road and bridge improvements, and have $400,000 per year to support the county operations - without increasing property taxes. Property tax increases cannot be eliminated, but the county can reduce its reliance on ever-increasing property taxes by making better use of sales tax revenues.

David A. Greenamyre,

Index cards missing
To the editor:

Over a month ago we went to the Tonganoxie Library to use the genealogy card file. It was gone! We were told that a patron said the cards were theirs and had removed the cabinet and cards to their home to work.

A picture and article in the Tonganoxie Mirror dated Feb. 8, 1984, shows the officers of the Tonganoxie Genealogical Society presenting the cabinet to the Tonganoxie Library in memory of a local citizen. The cabinet contained index cards of births, deaths, marriages and anniversaries compiled by two members of the Tonganoxie Genealogical Society. The index cards were to be an ongoing project and be kept up-to-date by the Tonganoxie Genealogical Society for the use of the community.

The index cards do not belong to any one person. They belong to the library. Isn't it time for the Tonganoxie Library Board to ask for the return of the index cards and cabinet to the library so that they will again be available for everyone to use?

Harold E. Krull and Mary Frances Krull
Charter members, Tonganoxie Genealogical Society.

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