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Radio DJ funnels funds to Tonganoxie for tornado relief

July 12, 2000

Tonganoxie, damaged by the May 11 tornado, has caught the eye of various benefactors.

Randy Miller, of KBEQ 104.9, Kansas City, Mo., has donated $7,000 in proceeds from a golf tournament he annually sponsors.

"They decided to give the proceeds to Tonganoxie for tornado relief," said Pat Albert, president of Tonganoxie's Chamber of Commerce.

Albert said the funds donated by Miller will be used in four ways.

"Number one is to give to the teachers to help pay back for the personal teaching supplies they lost at the school," Albert said.

After the tornado ripped the roof off Tonganoxie Elementary School, some classrooms were soaked with rain.

Second, Albert said part of the proceeds will be given to the Good Shepherd Thrift Shop and Food Pantry to help restock their food pantry and other things lost during the storm.

Also, some funding will go the auxiliary of the Tonganoxie Fire Department. Members are working to raise funds to purchase an imaging camera a device that will help firefighters locate the fire when they enter a smoke-filled building.

The fourth recipient of Miller's golf tournament proceeds will be the Tonganoxie tree board.

This will go along with a $25,000 donation from Peruvian Connection.

Biddy Hurlbut, who, along with her daughter, Annie Hurlbut, owns Peruvian Connection, announced their donation in May, noting that they wanted to do something to help replace the trees destroyed during the tornado.

Monday, Biddy Hurlbut said $25,000 for this purpose has already been deposited in a local bank. Representatives for the Hurlbuts have met with members of Tonganoxie's tree board.

"Whenever they come up with plans that meet with everyone's approval, we will pay for them," Hurlbut said. "We're delighted to have an opportunity to do that."

During the storm's aftermath, Tonganoxie also caught the eye of Kansas Power and Light. Immediately after the storm, KP&L helped by bringing in crews to restore power.

And now, KP&L is helping again by making a $1,000 donation to the Good Shepherd Thrift Shop and Food Bank.

Mark Schreiber, manager of KP&L's community relations, said, because the corporation wanted to do more to help, he contacted Tonganoxie's mayor to learn where a donation might be needed.

"I talked to John Franiuk and he suggested this great place," Schreiber said, minutes before he handed a check to Bob Kasper, a representative of the thrift shop.

"We're glad to come back and help the community some more," Schreiber added.

Kasper said the thrift shop, which is funded through donations of cash and from income raised through sales of donated items, can use the extra money from KP&L.

For instance, he said, the roof of the thrift shop, damaged by the tornado, had to be replaced.

"This will help cover that," Kasper said.

Mayor John Franiuk said he was glad the utility company chose the thrift shop to receive their gift.

"I thought of this place first," Franiuk said. "They do a lot for the community and for people in need. This time they are in need."

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