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Jack Wolfe

July 26, 2000

Leavenworth County Commission, Third District

What are the top three issues facing Leavenworth County, and how would you address them, if elected?

Hold the line on taxes. a) No raises for elected office holders and county department heads. b) Meet with our congressmen and senators and all government heads about any and all possible federal and state grants or programs that might help eliminate the raising of county taxes. There was $500 billion in government grants last year. c) Call or meet with Fortune 500 companies and any other companies for possible move to Leavenworth County. d) Have a Manufacturers Fair every year to show what Leavenworth County has to offer. e) Check county budget profiles eliminate waste in all departments reduce the size of county government.

Roads and Bridges. A) Check federal and state for grants and programs that might be available. b) The county needs all the limestone left in the quarry at Tonganoxie to start upgrading the roads in the county, check contract status. c) Chip and seal program should be started. The same amount of mileage should be completed in each district every year. The more roads chipped and sealed the less county road equipment would be needed to maintain the county roads, thereby lowering the cost of county road maintenance.

Rural Planning and Zoning Restrictions Private Land Use Regulations: A subdivision should be defined as an area of land being divided into lot sizes of 5 acres or less but more than two 5-acre tracts before coming under subdivision regulations no storm water runoff calculations for on house to five acres.

Do you favor hiring a county administrator for the county? Explain your answer.

There should be no money spent on a county administrator, until the people in Leavenworth County approve the hiring of a county administrator by voting on and approving the establishment of that position in county government. There should be a vote to reduce the salaries of all three county commissioners to $18,000 per year on the same ballot because the county administrator will have complete control of the daily operations of the county, reducing the role of the commissioners, therefore their salaries should be reduced.

What unique qualifications do you have to handle the job of county commissioner?

Unique qualifications time, effort and common sense. I am retired and don't, like some of my opponents, owe large sums of money and see this as a chance to make $37, 877 per year, or others that say we need more industry in the county but locate their businesses outside of the county. These are not false statements, check them out. People in business know that they have to give all their time and effort to their business or fail. I will give the people of the Third District all my time, effort and common sense. I will visit voters at different locations weekly.

What steps should be taken to increase cooperation among county commissioners?

To eliminate the bias in county government, we could elect five commissioners instead of three with reduced pay to $18,000, or we could also have mandatory fund allotments to each district in the county. Most of all we must be fair but firm in all our dealings with the other county commissioners. At all times do not forget your obligation to the people in your district. Try the friendly approach, but if that fails, the money I will donate for petition for elections on issues will help level the field for the voters in the Third District.

What role should the county play in expanding the area's tax base?

The county should work closely with the cities in the county and bring more industry into the county. Contact numerous companies by computer, phone, and set up a county computer web site. Send brochures to companies worldwide. Find ways to use the history of Leavenworth County to draw visitors and dollars to Leavenworth County. Re-enactments of Leavenworth County early days, Bill Cody, Bill Hickok, Clamity Jane, Custer, Buffalo Soldiers, Horse Calvary and Wild Indians at ampitheatre in Natural Hollow, country and rock concerts, all with private money, that will bring in tax dollars. Weekly shows national advertisement.

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