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Jim Jordan

July 26, 2000

Kansas House, 39th District

What are the top three issues facing the state of Kansas, and how would you address them, if elected?

The school finance formula needs to be overhauled. The current system pits rural against urban for funding with the KNEA lobbying for control. I would research other states with similar problems to find out what they are doing right. Some states may be addressing this problem better than we are. I would then call for an education summit to let all parties present their issues and needs. This information could be used to build a new plan that would provide a good education for all Kansas children. There has to be a solution to this problem.

State spending increases at a rate greater than inflation and wage earners' income.

I would limit the rate of increase to that of last year's inflation. I would look for areas to reduce spending. I would phase out the sales tax on food and cap property tax.

Should additional state funds be earmarked for the education of Kansas children in K-12? Explain your answer.

The school finance formula needs to be overhauled. See above.

What unique qualifications would you bring to the job of state representative?

I have a master's in business administration. I understand the effect of taxes on the individual and business. I have worked inside the state for 15 years. I am familiar with the way government works and spends money.

What should be done at the state level to handle the effects of growth in northeast Kansas?

The role of state government should be limited to observation of the growth and providing infrastructure upgrades to facilitate this growth. Abolishing the Turnpike on I-70 would allow greater access to the northeast. The turnpike should have been paid off in 1965.

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