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J.R. Russell

July 26, 2000

Kansas Senate, Fifth District

What are the top three issues facing the state of Kansas, and how would you address them, if elected?

The three top issues in Kansas are: the amount of tax dollars available to the state from tax levies, the priority of spending of these tax dollars by the Legislature, and which programs and services get more or less money each year.

I would read and review all the state budget items juxtaposed to the goals of the spending and then decide where cuts or additions should be made.

Should additional state funds be earmarked for the education of Kansas children in K-12? Explain your answer.

Not having reviewed the state budget for education, I am unable to respond to this question. However, all educational spending in Kansas should be reviewed elementary, secondary and higher education this coming year (2001).

What unique qualifications would you bring to the job of state senator?

As a practicing Kansas trial lawyer, I bring 33 years of legal experience to the position. Having traveled all over the eastern end of the state in the past 30 years, I have sufficient government experience to be a senator for the people of Leavenworth County.

What should be done at the state level to handle the effects of growth in northeast Kansas?

Leavenworth County needs roads and road improvement. As Greater Kansas City (Wyandotte and Johnson Counties) move west (the Kansas Motor Speedway, etc.) more people and cars are going through Leavenworth County. New and expanded roads are needed to handle this traffic increase.

As the senator from Leavenworth County, I will work for these three road projects in the year 2001:

A) I will work for a direct access to the Kansas Turnpike in Leavenworth County.

B) I will work for a new two-lane wide road from K-7 and McIntyre Road on the east to I-435 in Wyandotte County on the west.

C) I will work for an improved, two-lane wide road running from the new Leavenworth Turnpike access south to K-32 and north up to State Avenue.

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