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Tonganoxie needs a strong executive


June 28, 2000

The selection is made, and now the work begins.

Monday night, Mayor John Franiuk announced the city has hired Christopher Clark as Tonganoxie's new city administrator.

Clark, presently assistant to the director of Wellesley, Mass., will begin work in Tonganoxie in early August. The honeymoon period likely will be short in Tonganoxie, which lost City Administrator Chris Eppley on May 19.

"We'll get him brainwashed real quick we'll get him moving in our direction," the mayor said.

Although Franiuk was joking, likely there is some truth to the mayor's comment.

Tonganoxie is a city that is on the move, and it requires a strong city administrator to help guide it.

Based on Clark's resume, it appears he has the experience necessary to lead our town. He's handled budget work, negotiated with unions and applied for state grants to help finance public housing and road improvements.

Clark's decision to move to Tonganoxie was spurred by his wife's desire to live closer to relatives. Let's hope that he and his wife develop a strong attachment and commitment to this city.

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