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A little forethought could save Kansans

March 1, 2000

If there ever were any doubt, recent shifts in weather remind us that we live in Kansas. As the saying goes: If you don't like the weather in Kansas, wait a couple of minutes.

Some spring flowers bloomed in January, then were blanketed by snow. February rains brought out the green hue in lawns. It's been a strange, strange winter.

So it's likely to be a strange, strange spring. And that means potential danger for Kansans.

Severe Weather Awareness Week in the state is March 13 through March 17. And a statewide tornado safety drill be will conducted on March 14, with both afternoon and evening drills planned. If the weather is threatening on March 14, the drill will be postponed until March 16.

Across Kansas, each county's emergency management will participate in the tornado safety drill to prepare for the 2000 severe weather season. Schools, hospitals, industries, public facilities and citizens are encouraged to test their readiness should a tornado or severe weather event actually occur.

The 1990s saw a record number of tornadoes across Kansas, with 64 reported in 1999, according to the National Weather Service. In addition, six deaths from tornadoes were reported last year, which were the first fatalities since 1993.

We should know where it is we will go if the Kansas weather turns on us whether we're at work, at home, on the road or in the field.

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