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Addresses wrong on upcoming census mailings

Postmaster: Notices will be delivered

March 1, 2000

A glitch in materials mailed in conjunction with the 2000 Census is presenting a challenge to the U.S. Postal Service.

"The problem is they were to send out some pre-notice mailings letting people know that census items would be coming," said Janice Rake, Tonganoxie postmaster.

"They misaddressed them. It's not as major as it sounds. They added an extra digit at the front of the address."

So, for ex-ample, if the correct address is 110 Delaware Street, it could have been changed to 1110 Delaware, or 2110 Delaware.

The Census Bureau has said that its printing contractor made the error in the addresses all 120 million of them.

Rake emphasized that this mailing which postal customers should begin processing this week does not include the actual 2000 Census questionnaire. And Rake said her workers would do their best to deliver the census notifications, even though they're improperly addressed.

"All of our employees are on alert, and we know what to watch for," she said. "We will deliver it the best we can. The problem in Tonganoxie is going to be that these notices don't have names on them. If it's somebody who has a post office box and they've addressed it to the street address, it's not going to get delivered."

The actual census questionnaires will be delivered the week of March 13.

"It is very important because tax dollars and representation all flow from that census data," Rake said. "The information we've been given is that the actual surveys will be addressed right."

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