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Skills acquired during County 4-H Day

March 8, 2000

The feeling of butterflies in their stomach was common among 4-H youth participating. In this year's County 4-H Day. More than 150 youth from the county's 4-H clubs demonstrated poise and confidence as they vied for awards on Feb. 19.

"Acquiring the skill of speaking and performing before an audience comes with lots of practice," said Beth Hecht, 4-H youth development county extension agent. "Practice comes a little bit easier when the 4-H'er is practicing something they like and in which have an interest in."

The performance of the 4-H'ers is evaluated by a judge. The top performances will represent Leavenworth County at the regional competition March 18 at Atchison High School. Six other northeast Kansas counties also take part in the regional competition.

Following are results for Leavenworth County 4-H Day:

Basehor Rustlers 4-H Club, model meeting, red; Nicole Theno, piano solo, blue; Brooke Theno, piano solo, blue; Amanda Douglas and Becky Meyer, instrumental duet, red; Heidi Grammar, instrumental solo, red.

Glenwood 4-H Club, model meeting, red; Cole Bittel, piano solo, blue; Maggie Herbster, vocal solo, top blue; Hannah Brown, vocal solo, blue; Jessica Carrico, senior demonstration, top blue; Maggie Herbster with Hannah Brown, vocal duet, top blue; Caitlin Jane Back, instrumental solo, blue; Audrey Knapp, reading, blue.

Livewires 4-H club, model meeting, top blue.

Green Promise 4-H Club, vocal ensemble, red; Hayley Hung and Mary Grasela, junior demonstration, top blue; Natalie Loreti, piano solo, blue; Jessica Dickinson, vocal solo, blue; Joey Glenn, vocal solo, blue, instrumental solo, red; Sara Howard, vocal solo, blue; Michael Mariano, senior demonstration, red; Amy Fousek, senior demonstration, blue, instrumental solo, top blue; Olive Filbert, junior demonstration, red; Maggie Bailey, senior demonstration, blue, instrumental solo, white, reading, top blue; Sonya Ditsch, senior demonstration, blue; Sarah Scharinger, senior demonstration, top blue, reading, blue; Ryan Poff, project talk, blue; Hilary Mosbacher, project talk, blue; Zack Buddish, public speaking, blue; Josh Nikes, instrumental solo, blue; Mary Grasela, instrumental solo, blue; Trevor Fousek, instrumental solo, red, junior demonstration, blue; Courtney Schwegler, junior demonstration, blue; Elizabeth Scharinger, junior demonstration, blue; Bryan Morris, junior demonstration, red; Jimmy Bailey, reading, alternate top blue, junior demonstration, blue; Trey Lohman, reading, blue; Anna Buddish, individual dance, red; Erica Connel, individual dance, red.

Lucky Clover 4-H club, chorus, red, clarinet duet, red; Hannah Ross, piano solo, blue; Lauren Ellis, piano solo, blue; Kelsey Tallman and Lauren Ellis, instrumental ensemble, red; Erin Sours, junior demonstration, red; Arthur Rollins, project talk, blue, junior demonstration, red; Gelia Gardner, project talk, red; Megan Lawrence, public speaking, top blue; Neva Gardner, instrumental solo, red; Kalila Dalton, reading, blue.

Happy Helpers 4-H club, model meeting, blue, skit, blue, small group dance, top blue, square dance, medium group dance, blue, line dance, medium group dance, red.

Reno Bobwhites 4-H club, chorus, blue, creative drama, top blue; Stephanie Reynolds, piano solo, top blue; Jacob Reynolds, piano solo, blue; Ashlee Lohman, piano solo, blue; Hannah Davidson, piano solo, blue, junior demonstration, red; Nicole Allen, piano solo, blue; Tori Mars, vocal solo, red, individual dance, top blue; Tina Marrs, vocal solo, red; Kristen Baggett, vocal solo, blue; David Barnes, vocal solo, blue; Hannah Barnes, vocal solo, blue, individual dance, blue, junior demonstration, alternate top blue; Elisabeth Barnes, vocal solo, blue, junior demonstration, blue; Shannon Smith, junior demonstraiton, blue; Laura Barnes, vocal solo, blue, creative drama alternate top blue; Michael Barnes, other talent, alternate top blue; Alan Bauerly, senior demonstration, red; Tina Marrs and Tori Marrs, vocal duet, red; David Barnes, public speaking, top blue; Michael and Laura Barnes, instrumental ensemble, top blue; Erin Drozinski, instrumental solo, red; Broc Wood, reading, blue, other talent, top blue; Erin Wood, reading, blue; Bailey Schiltz, reading, red; Benjamin Reynolds, reading, blue; Courtenay DeHoff, junior demonstration, alternate top blue; Sarah Smith, junior demonstration, blue.

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