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Students discover their cards carry privileges

March 8, 2000

Steve Woolf believes he's hit on an idea that will help make an already good group of students even better.

Woolf, in his first year as principal at Tonganoxie Junior High School, has instituted a system for students to earn letters. However, these letters are available only to students who excel in the classroom.

Points are awarded to students for their grades, attendance, punctuality, good behavior and activities.

If they earn enough points, they receive a white, red or platinum card. During a semester, it's possible for them to earn enough points to obtain a letter.

"Our kids are so good," Woolf said.

The cards called Renaissance PRIDE Cards and letters are accompanied by privileges. For example, Platinum Cardholders go to the front of the lunch line. Students also can obtain gift certificates to local restaurants or for movie rentals or ball games.

"It's worked well," Woolf said.

Students also can receive pins from sports and activities to put on their letters.

The idea to reward good behavior and academic performance with letters is new to Tonganoxie Junior High School. At the Colorado Springs mid-level school where Woolf was principal last year, the program was well-received.

At that school, there was a 94 percent drop-off in the number of students being sent to the office for discipline problems, a 46 percent reduction in the number of times students were late to class, an increase in the school's grade-point average of 0.2 on a 4.0 scale and a 2 percent increase in attendance.

Woolf is pleased with how his students at the junior high school have reacted to the new incentives.

"They love it," he said. "It's a neat opportunity."

Recent letter winners and cardholders at TJHS

A total of six points are required to obtain a letter. Points are earned each nine weeks. Students receive four points if they earn a platinum card (a 4.0 grade-point average, no unexcused absences, no more than one tardy, no office referrals for discipline and involvement in an approve activity). Students receive three points if they earn a gold card (a 3.8 grade-point average and all of the other requirements for a platinum card). Students receive two points if they earn a red card (a 3.5 grade-point average and all of the other requirements for a platinum card). Students receive one point if they earn a white card (a 3.0 grade-point average and all of the other requirements for a platinum card). Following are winners of letters and cards.


Letter winners: Andrew Becker, Holly Casper, Jessica Dickinson, Ariel Dowdel, Stephanie Dunlap, Gennifer Hadley, Lisa Holton, Abbie Jones, Beth Knetter, Megan Needham, Billy Ottens, Mat Overbaugh, Paul Reetz, Jennifer Reischman, Laura Samuels, Britain Stites, Kim Sturgeon and Kelly Woelk.

Platinum Card winners: Andrew Becker, Gennifer Hadley, Lisa Holton, Billy Ottens, Mat Overbaugh, Paul Reetz, Laura Samuels, Britain Stites and Kim Sturgeon.

Gold Card winners: Holly Casper, Jessica Dickinson, Ariel Dowdle, Stephanie Dunlap, Liz Eveland, Abbie Jones, Beth Knetter, Megan Needham, Justin Palmer, Mike Price, Becky Shepard and Victoria Wilson.

Red Card winners: Cathy Dowdle, Hollie Fritz, Brian Gravatt, Jonathan Gripka, Tara Gurss, Shauntel Harshfield, Courtney Hoffhines, Megan Lawrence, Janelle McCoy, Christie Menhusen and Caleb Poterbin.

White Card winners: Candi Barnes, Karley Bennett, Alison Callaghan, Amber Carpenter, Jake Dornbrack, Luci Frevele, Jana Gorman, James Hartshorn, Monica Holmes, Laura Korb, Becky Lesher, David Lindquist, Jordan McCarty, Sara Pence, Tommy Powell, Lisa Pratt, Michael Somolik, Shannan Theno, Heather Van Dyke, Jacob Walker, Vanessa Wardy, Alicia Wells, Becca Weston and John Wickey.


Letter winners: Christal Athon, Sarah Bradley, Cristen Bray, Amanda Cheoweth, Lindsay Davidson, Lauren Donnelly, Becky Fish, Jeff Gibbens, Linsey High, Erin Holton, Lynsey Jansen, Katie Jeannin, Kait Kelly, Justin Lacey, Will Lipe, Mollie McCaffrey, Michelle McWilliams, Chase Nowak, Desirae Rieke, Jennifer Saultz, Elizabeth Smith, Lacey St. Clair, Travis Starcher and Heather Young.

Platinum Card winners: Christal Athon, Sarah Bradley, Amanda Chenoweth, Lindsay Davidson, Lauren Donnelly, Jeffrey Gibbens, Erin Holton, Katie Jeannin, Kait Kelly, Mollie McCaffrey, Michelle McWilliams and Chase Nowak.

Gold Card winners: Cristen Bray, Kelly Breuer, Shane Cooper, Becky Fish, Heather Harrison, Linsey High, Lynsey Jansen, Will Lipe, Matt Madeira, Rebekah Mages, Desirae Rieke, Stacy Ruff, Jennifer Saultz, Elizabeth Smith, Jenny Thompson and Heather Young.

Red Card winners: Adam Alexander, Jennifer Anton, Heather Atwell, Jessica Aye, Jason Brammer, Casey Cooper, Tyler Davidson, Ginger Dennis, Stephanie Downs, Laurie Earlenbaugh, Karla Holton, Caitlin Jackson, Aubrey Koontz, Seth Kotowski, Justin Lacey, Timi Leffert, Luke McCarty, Heather Melchior, Janelle Morris, Matt Petersen, Heather Reischman, Eddie Riley, Luke Rounda, Derek Sparks, Dustin Stark, Lacey St. Clair, Travis Starcher, Brandon Stevens, Joey Templeton, Jamie Vaughn, Justin Walker, Dustin Ward and Chris Watson.

White Card winners: Travis Andrews, Jennifer Brown, Bryce Bundy, Brianna Deaver, Chad DeGraeve, Matt Ellison, Laura Graveman, Megan Hadley, Tara Kemp, Yvette Laundy, Jayme Mathia, Nicholas Maynard, Jacob Moore, Meagan Rhodes, Sami Jo Rieke, Christopher Smith, Nate Smith, Ashley Van Fleet, Nick Volk, Chanel Weide, Megan Weyer and Lin Williams.


Letter winners: Matthew Chenoweth, Kara Coffee, Heather Deaver, Laura Jeannin, Shannon Pulkrabek, Hunter Samuels, Madison Weller.

Platinum Card winners (second nine weeks): Matthew Chenoweth, Kara Coffee, Laura Jeannin, Shannon Pulkrabek, Hunter Samuels and Madison Weller.

Gold Card winners (second nine weeks): Shadoe Barton, Heather Deaver, Jeffrey Gravatt, Amanda Hart, Andy Kolman, Andy Koontz and Jake McGhee.

Red Card winners (second nine weeks): Todd Davidson, Hannah Dornbrack, Andrew Eveland, Jeff Everhart, Kennith Frevele, Brett Garrett, Kayla Hammons, Eddie Lester, Sarah Miller, Courtney Schwegler, Rachel Smith, John Volk and Katie Yunghans.

White Card winners (second nine weeks): Shannon Aye, Jimmy Baker Jr., Jessica Bogard, Dani Carothers, Todd Davidson, Kassie DeHoff, Lona Dickinson, Andy Eisman, Sandy Elliott, Stella Felix, Shane Gober, Hannah Heintzelman, William Hilliges, Sarah Hunter, Clay Lamb, Steven Lundberg, Amanda McLaughlin, Sam Mitchell, Malorie Morman, Erika Morton, Dan O'Hare, Brice Percy, Kaitie Pestock, Diana Saladin, Travis Schultz, Ross Starcher, Luke Stevens, Mike Tate, Rachel Weston, Robert Windler, Casey Worden and Daniel Workman.

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