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Successful book fair adds to school library

March 22, 2000

Last week's Parent Teacher Association book sale brought great rewards for Tonganoxie Elementary School students.

Usually, book sales seem to have a particularly good-selling book, said Rita Larson, chairperson of the event.

Two years ago it was a book about how to yo-yo, last time it was the Harry Potter books and at this season's fair, a coin collection booklet and folder for the new state quarters was the hottest seller.

"We had two cases of those," Larson said, "And I thought what are we going to do with all these things, but we sold them all and even took orders for more."

But several children shopping at the book fair had other book topics were on their minds. Kayla Beggs, 9, was on the lookout for Bailey's Schoolhouse Kids books, and her sister, Nikole, 6, said of all the books, "Scooby-Doo's the best."

Wesley Armstrong, 10, scooped up an armful of books about his favorite topic: animals. His stack included "Creatures of the Night," "Backyard Animals From Pole to Pole," and the "Encyclopedia of Animals."

Was he going to buy all of them?

"If it's OK with my parents," Wesley said.

Larson, who is also treasurer of PTA, said that during the last three book sales held at TES, sales have increased by $1,000 each time.

The Scholastic Book Fairs are held twice a year, during parent-teacher conferences.

Last spring's book sale sold $1,958 worth of books; last fall's sale netted sales of $3,000.

"This sale sold $4,240 worth of books," Larson said.

Of that sale, the school gets a return of 70 percent of that value in books.

This means, the school's profit, in books, for this sale was $2,968.

The books will be divided like this, Larson said:

Each classroom teacher will get to buy $30 worth of books, totaling $1,096.

The computer lab will be able to purchase $100 worth of books.

The library will have $707 to purchase new books.

Students in grades fourth, fifth and sixth grades will receive a total of $1,064 books.

In addition to getting credit from sales, parents purchased and donated an extra $450 worth of books in the "Make-A-Wish" program.

Different Scholastic Book Fairs give varying amount of book credit toward purchases, depending on the volume sold in the previous sale.

Larson said the increased sales at last fall's sale, at which the PTA received 50 percent credit for books, was the reason for the surge to the 70 percent book credit received at last week's sale.

This is the highest level of book fair profit that Scholastic has, Larson said.

About a dozen parents volunteered to work during the book fair.

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