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Letters to the editor

March 29, 2000

A passion for gazing balls
To the editor:

Ahhh, those amazing gazing balls. I am on my seventh now. Two were taken from me by an act of God; one met its demise at the hands of Kenneth, my husband; and three were taken without my permission by someone who shares the passion of those of us who have been caught under their spell. Please help me find the culprit(s) before I lose another. Let them know they are not cheap. I only have one; he/she has at least three.

Jean Walker,

More youthful voices
To the editor:

Again I'd like to say, "Hats off to you, Kalie Hileman." I so enjoyed your recent letter to the editor. It was very good, direct and to the point. As to your concern for a mall out here in our area, maybe it's coming sooner than you think. I also hear Wal-Mart is now planning a huge Wal-Mart across the way from where they are now.

Please don't ever be afraid to speak out and be heard. "But I'm just a kid," you said, and that's great. "I'm almost 12," you said. Do you know what we, your readers, heard? A kid, maybe, but one with the courage and convictions to voice an opinion, to stand up, to be heard; perhaps one of our great leaders of tomorrow.

Kalie, perhaps you are the one. I think we need to hear more from our children. I think we need a column, from our kids right here in our school, after all it's from your generation, the leaders of tomorrow will come. We hear all of the bad news from the media right now, when there's so much good stuff we never hear about.

How about it editor?

Eleanor McKee,

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