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County spring beef sale draws a crowd

May 3, 2000

Megan Theis, Leavenworth County, won the Angus Breeding Heifer show at the Leavenworth County Spring Beef Show, April 15 at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds in Tonganoxie. She showed both the Champion and Reserve Champion Angus heifers.

She had the champion Crossbreed Steer, but Tyler Leonard, Jefferson County, had the Champion Angus steer that became the Grand Champion. Theis had the Reserve Grand Champion Steer. Leonard had the Champion Simmental breeding heifer, a Senior Yearling heifer.

Numbers were up this year. Sy Nyhart, Leavenworth County extension agent, reported 92 head of cattle at this year's show, compared to 81 head last year. There were 53 head of breeding heifers this year compared to 48 head last year and 35 head of Market Steers compared to 30 head last year.

The Leavenworth County Spring Beef Show is sponsored and produced by the Leavenworth County Beef Improvement Association. Shawn Brezgiel, Leavenworth, is president of the group. Show chairman was Brian Saying, Leavenworth. And the show judge this year was Brian Habjan, Lawrence.

In the market steer classes, Leonard won the Champion Angus Steer, and Jessica Taliaferro, Atchison County, had the Reserve Champion Angus Steer. Other placings, in the Angus Steer class were blue ribbons to Jennifer Miller, Ashley Alloway and Raymond Sproul, all of Leavenworth County. Blue ribbons also went to Patrick Talieferro, Kelly Taliaferro and Andy Linscott, all from Atchison County. Red ribbons went to Jennifer Douglas and Tyler Lohman, Leavenworth County.

In the Crossbreed Market Steer Class, Champion went to Theis, Reserve Champion was Gentry Linscott, Atchison County.

Blue ribbons for Crossbred Steers went to Lacy Deaths and Kyle Coleman Booth of Douglas County, Kara Ritchey, Katie Yunghans, Courtney DeHoff and Layci Sours, of Leavenworth County and to Casey Boyce of Jefferson County, red ribbons went to Scott Schuetz and Kelly Yunghans of Leavenworth County.

In the Hereford Steer Class, Champion went to Shelby Leonard of Jefferson County and Reserve Champion went to Tory Booth of Douglas County.

Blue ribbons for Hereford Steers went to Karen Silvers, Miami County, Kyle Coleman Booth, Douglas County, and Jessica Carrico, Leavenworth County.

All other breeds were judged together, as they were small classes. Champion All Other Breeds went to Lacy Deathe, Douglas County, on a Simmental Steer. Reserve Champion went to Courtenay DeHoff, Leavenworth County, on a Simmental Steer.

Blue ribbons went to Casey Davis, Douglas County on a Simmental Steer, Josh Van Tuyl, Leavenworth County, on a Red Angus Steer, Nathan Perry, Jefferson County, on a Limousin Steer, Troy Lohman, Leavenworth County, on a Maine-Anjou Steer, Nick Knapp and Alex Kissinger, both from Leavenworth County with Gelbvish Steers.

Red ribbons went to Scott Schuetz, with a Maine-Anjou Steer and to Lynsey Janson-Zule with a Holstein Steer. Both are from Leavenworth County.

In the Female breading classes, Theis won the Angus Champion and Reserve with a Senior Yearling and a Junior Yearling Helfer. Other winners in the Angus broad were:

Angus Calf: Zachery Sanders, Clay County, Missouri, first blue ribbon. Summer Yearling: Andy Linscott, Atchison County, first blue, Kaitlyn Brandt, Leavenworth County second red. Junior Yearlings: Theis, Reserve champion, Tiffany Kramer, Jefferson County, second red, Matt Dalrymple, Leavenworth County, third white, Raymond Sproul, Leavenworth County, first blue, Nikki Brandt, Leavenworth County second red, Lindsay Ottensmeier, Jefferson County, third white. Senior Yearlings: Theis, Champion.

In the Crossbreed Heifer classes the Champion went to Colton Lynch, Douglas County, on a Junior Yearling heifer. Reserve Champion went to Trey Lohman, Leavenworth County, on a crossbreed calf. Other Crossbreed Heifer winners: Crossbreed Calf: Lohman, Reserve Champion, Allyson Ottensmeier, Jefferson County, second red ribbon. Junior Yearlings: Lynch, Champion, Casey Boyce, Jefferson County, second red, Cody Owsley, Leavenworth County, third white, Josh Lee Van Tuyl, Leavenworth County first blue, Dakota Brandt, Leavenworth County, second red.

In the Gelvieh Female Breeding classes, Champion and Reserve went to Nick Knapp of Leavenworth with a Senior Yearling and a Junior Yearling heifer. Other Gelbvieh Heifer winners: Junior Yearlings: Knapp, Reserve Champion, Ryan Todd, Leavenworth County, second red ribbon, Clinton Kissinger, Leaven-worth County, first blue. Sr. Yearlings: Knapp, Champion, Alex Kissinger, Leavenworth County, second red ribbon, Clinton Kissinger, Leavenworth County third white.

In the Hereford Female classes, Champion went to Casey Davis, and Reserve went to Carrie Edmonds, both are from Douglas County and both heifers were in the same Junior Yearlings class. Other Hereford breeding female winners were: Hereford Heifer Calf: Alicia Bradley, Leavenworth County first blue ribbon. Summer Yearlings: Kelly McGuire, Miami County, first blue, Karen Silvers, Miami County, second red. Junior Yearlings: Davis and Edmonds, Champion and Reserve, Mockingbird Valley Farms, Jefferson County, third white, Kyle Coleman Booth, Douglas County, first blue, Mockingbird Valley Farms, Jefferson County, second red, Karen Silvers, Miami County, third white.

In the Simmental Female classes Champion went to Tyler Leonard, and Reserve went to Colton Lynch, Douglas County with a Junior Yearling heifer. Other Simmental heifer winners were: Summer Yearlings: Colton Lynch, Douglas County, first blue ribbon, Tyler Leonard, Jefferson County, second red. Junior Yearlings: Lynch, Reserve Champion, Aron Boyce, Jefferson County, second red, Lacy Deathe, Douglas County, first blue, Lindsey Ottensmeier, Jefferson County, second red, Dustin Boyce, Jefferson County, third white. St. Yearlings: Leonard, Champion, Courtenay DeHoff, Leavenworth County, second red, Carrie Edmonds, Douglas County, third white.

In the Limousin Female classes, Heidi Earl, Clay County, Mo., took first blue ribbons in two Junior Yearling classes. Tyler Crawford, Douglas County, had a first blue, Main Anjou Junior Yearling heifer. Tiffany Kramer, Jefferson County, had a first blue Shorthorn Summer Yearling heifer. Awards for Bulls were given to: Al Knapp, Leavenworth County, first blue on a Gelbvieh Bull calf; Mockingbird Valley Farms, Jefferson County, first blue on a Senior Yearling Hereford Bull; Chad Bradley, Leavenworth County, first Blue on a 2-year-old Hereford Bull; Heidi Earl, Clay County, Mo., first blue and second red on two Junior Yearling Limousin Bulls.

In the youth Fitting and Showing classes, winners were: Ages 7 to 11 years old: Coutenay DeHoff, Leavenworth County, Champion, Dustin Boyce, Jefferson County, Reserve Champion.

Ages 11 to14 years old: Raymond Sproul, Leavenworth County, Champion, Andy Linscott, Atchison County, Reserve Champion.

Ages 14 to 17 years old: Karen Silvers, Miami County, Champion, Megan Theis, Leavenworth County, Reserve Champion.

Ages 17 to 19 years old: Carrie Edmonds, Douglas County, Champion, Jessica Carrico, Leavenworth County, Reserve Champion.

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