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Students gain actual experience

Local daughters accompany parents to work

May 3, 2000

Like many young people across the United States, Emily Putthoff went to work with her mother last Thursday.

But Emily didn't stay put. Within an hour she abandoned her mother, Pam, who works for Tonganoxie accountant Richard Smith, and sought out the comparative excitement of nearby Salon Designs.

"I came over here and got my eyebrows waxed, and she said she needed somebody," said Emily, 15.

"I said I needed a daughter today," salon owner Lisa Tanking said, smiling. "She swept hair, kept towels going, greeted the tanners and got them in their beds. She did run and get lunch. She was just a great little worker."

That's what Take Your Daughter to Work Day is all about: exposing children to careers. Many companies don't limit the experience to girls.

For Emily, her four hours at Salon Designs provided an opportunity to view first-hand a profession that's been attractive to her.

"It's made me want to do it more," said Emily, a high school freshman.

At Mutual Savings Association, Mary Fallensen and her daughter, Kelsey, 13, worked together during the day.

"I spent the morning in our Leavenworth office because I'm filling in here in Tonganoxie," said Mary Fallensen. "I had her address some envelopes, fold some letters, enter some things in on the computer that she's more adept at than some of us are."

For Kelsey, a seventh-grader at Lansing Middle School, the day was an opportunity to spend time with her mother. Last year, she'd also accompanied her mother to work.

"Last year when I went, I worked with the tellers," she said.

Jordan McCarty's day at Holst Pharmacy was filled with lots of sodas. She also sorted prescriptions, delivered beverages, sorted cards and made a small Mother's Day display.

"I also made her count pills and work on the nursing home bubble packs," Amy McCarty said of her 15-year-old daughter. "It's fun. She's fun to hang out with. But sometimes when we're busy, it's hard to show her what has to be done."

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