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Volunteers’ spirit soars in community


May 3, 2000

When the call for volunteers goes out, it's amazing how many residents of Tonganoxie respond. And it's this eagerness to volunteer that sets Tonganoxie apart from other cities.

Sure, most towns have a core of one or two people who lend their expertise to projects.

But in Tonganoxie, the work of volunteers is evident at the city's parks, at the city's churches, at the thrift store and food pantry and on various boards and commissions.

Thanks to volunteer labor, work on the North Main Street park is progressing. This park will feature many attributes that should draw both young and old. The sand volleyball court officially will debut at Tonganoxie Days on June 10. But before and after that event, it's likely that all types of volleyball players will work out on the court.

The 1 1/4 miles of sidewalk that runs through the Main Street park and VFW Park, which also has benefited greatly from the work of volunteers, already have attracted walkers this spring.

Two tennis courts and a basketball court featuring six goals will provide hours and hours of entertainment.

At the high school football field, volunteers have been spending Saturdays to construct an announcer's stand. At the regional track meet on May 19, the stand will be used.

When that call for volunteers is sounded, we all should try to answer it as often as possible. After all, a healthy volunteer spirit is one of the special attributes of Tonganoxie.

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