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Industrial park land on city list

May 10, 2000

The city really feels like it needs to have a true industrial park.

At the Tonganoxie City Council meeting Monday night, Mayor John Franiuk appointed three council members to be part of a possible industrial development committee.

He appointed himself, Pat Albert and Kathy Graveman.

Franiuk said he believes that this would be the best way to look into the matter.

The concept of finding a location for a true industrial park was prompted upon Albert's suggestion at the council meeting. Urban Hess, which originally was going to be an industrial park, is now commercial and residential zoning.

The committee will explore how a park would be paid for and examine the potential roles of the city, Leavenworth Area Development and the Port Authority in the development of the potential park.

Albert suggested a location south of the existing city limits to house the industrial park. Because County Road 1 and I-70 will eventually connect, this could be an ideal location for a new industrial park, according to Albert.

"Right now it's just an idea," Albert said.

"We have to see what's out there. It is the area where we need to grow to. Urban Hess can't do it because the lots are not big enough."

Albert said that this had been talked about before and he felt it should be brought to the forefront.

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