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Plans for RV park run into strong opposition

May 10, 2000

A recreational vehicle park planned between Tonganoxie and Basehor ran into a roadblock last week.

The Leavenworth County Planning Commission, acting in front of a capacity crowd, turned down a rezoning request that would be necessary for the park. The vote was 6-1. Now, the Leavenworth County Commission will consider the request.

It's likely that a unanimous vote of the three-member county commission will be required because nearby residents submitted a petition protesting the zoning, according to John Zoellner of the county planning department.

"I would assume the petition has adequate numbers of people on it," Zoellner said. "Nobody seems to like the idea. I didn't assume it would be greatly liked."

Tonganoxie residents Burdel and Cynthia Welsh, who want to develop the park, are unsure about their next step.

"I can't tell you if this thing's dead," said Burdel Welsh, who is a major with the Leavenworth County sheriff's department. "All I can tell you is we've been voted down."

For now, he said, he and his wife are reviewing their options.

The site, which is planted in wheat and also used for pasture, is about a half-mile west of 166th Street, along the south side of U.S. 24-40 Highway.

The county commission is scheduled to consider the zoning at 1:30 p.m. May 22.

Elaine Kramer, whose property backs up to the site of the planned RV park, said she has numerous concerns about a park moving into her neighborhood. She would like additional information about the effect a lagoon would have on her property and increased traffic.

"The other concern is trash," said Kramer, who is retired. "Unfortunately, people are trashy."

In addition, she's worried about noise.

"I don't care whether they're good people or bad people," she said. "Their noise is loud, and they're there to have a good time. I know a lot of people go camping, and that's fine. That's wonderful. But I don't want it in my back yard."

Another nearby resident, Dragica Podrebarac, also is concerned. She believes the park will adversely affect her property values.

"My house is 50 feet from the property," she said. "My dining room is looking toward the property. My kitchen, my living room, my bedroom all look toward the property."

She, too, is concerned about noise, increased traffic and the environmental impact of a lagoon.

"I'm concerned for my health," she said. "I don't know who's going to be here. There are going to be people coming and going and coming and going constantly."

She prefers the idea of housing behind her.

"If I have some good neighbors, I would love that," she said.

Podrebarac said the proposal has upset her.

"I have not had one good night's sleep yet," she said. "I'm usually a good sleeper. Now, I can't sleep. I'm constantly thinking about this. I can't imagine how a person would put an RV park in a residential area. This is ridiculous."

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