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Seminar planned on living in the country

May 10, 2000

So you want to move to the country.

But do you really know what types of changes you'll face as you leave the city behind?

Several county and state officials will explain some of the possibilities during a "Country Living" seminar that gets under way at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Lansing 4-H Building, which is at the intersection of 4-H Road and Highway 73 and Kansas Highway 7.

"We're getting more and more urban people moving out into this area, and many of them do not know what to expect," said Sy Nyhart of Kansas State University Research and Extension for Leavenworth County.

"They think it's like moving into town somewhere. We're trying familiarize people with what it's like to move into these rural areas."

Residents of other counties that have gone through urbanization have had some difficulty adjusting to the realities of rural life, Nyhart said.

"As we begin to get more and more in our rural areas here, they're going to find out that they don't have the services they had before. We're trying to educate them and help them understand what it's like out here, and it's not the same as what they might have been used to in town."

The free session will include: "Buying Property," by Ron Ernzen, a real estate agent; "Tract Site, Zoning and Comprehensive Plan," by John Zoellner of the county planning department; "Ponds and Grazing," by Gary Rader of the Natural Resource Conservation Service; "Rural Water Service," by Lois Fulkerson of Consolidated Water District No. 1; "Rural Fire and Weather," by Chuck Magaha of Leavenworth County Emergency Management; and "The Rural Environment," by Joe Daniels, Leavenworth County Health Department.

In addition, break-out sessions will be conducted so people attending may address specific questions to any of the participants.

For additional information, contact the extension service, 108 S. Fifth Street, Leavenworth; (913) 684-0730.

The extension service and county health department are sponsoring the seminar.

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