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Volunteers lend services

May 13, 2000

If there was a silver lining to be found in the storm, it was the hours of volunteer efforts Tonganoxie residents offered.

Mayor John Franiuk said more than 200 volunteers were working around the city to help clean up and assist citizens.

He stressed the importance of being careful when cleaning up.

"Please, be safe when you're working out there," Franiuk said. "There are still a lot of hazards and that stuff can fall down and hit you on the head."

He said storm debris will be picked up at residents' curbs. It must be sorted into six groups:

Brush and limbs.

Wood products, such as lumber.

Metal, such as barn tin or roof flashings.

Other metal, such as refrigerators, washing machines or stoves.

Household chemicals.

Roofing materials.

Chippers will be at the Catholic Church and the fairgrounds for residents to have brush chipped, he said.

"That's brush; not for logs," Franiuk said.

He asked that residents not park cars along the street.

"The sooner we can get in, the sooner we can get it out," he said.

He also asked that traffic in the central areas of town be kept to a minimum.

"Please use the through route around town," he said.

City administrator Chris Eppley added, "If you don't live or work downtown, stay out of it."

Structural engineers and architects are in Tonganoxie to help residents ensure their homes and businesses are safe, Eppley said. He urged anyone to call city hall even today or Sunday if they have questions or concerns. The number is 845-2620.

"We plan to keep doing this until it's done," the mayor said of cleanup efforts.

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