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County should hire professional manager


November 1, 2000

Regardless of the outcome of next Tuesday's election for Leavenworth County Commission, it's clear that commissioners must take a close look at whether to hire an administrator to handle day-to-day governmental operations.

Both Third District incumbent commissioner Wayne Eldridge and his challenger, Joe Daniels, favor hiring an administrator, who would serve at the pleasure of the commission.

Hank Spellman, who is challenging incumbent Bob Adams in the Second District, also believes an administrator is necessary for Leavenworth County. Adams would prefer the county hire a finance director, who would advise commissioners on budgetary matters.

It's clear this growing county no longer can effectively be run solely by a three-member board of elected officials. The job is far too large and requires far too much expertise.

To help guide Leavenworth County through the 21st Century, a professional staff member should be hired to take over daily operations of the government, following the policies set by the elected county commission.

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