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Letters to the Editor

November 1, 2000

Super soccer players

To the editor:

Congratulations again are in order for a group of area boys and girls who play in the 9 and under soccer league in Edwardsville.

Coached by the fantastic duo of Rick Bryan and Steve Henley, this team consistently puts on a blistering offensive attack and a smothering defense that is rarely scored on. It is an absolute joy to watch these kids put on an unbelievable team effort every game to be the best that they can be.

Dustry Bryan is a fast, smart player, who plays all positions equally well.

Keaton Schaffer is probably the best defensive 9-year-old on the planet.

Mark Vaca is a hilarious kid who plays with the determination of a pit bull almost scores at will.

Nicholas Strub is a fairly newcomer to the team who can play offense and defense.

Jacob Kirkpatrick is "the flash," who can catch anybody from behind and steal the ball.

Cameron Maughmer is consistent, smart, and plays all positions well.

Jake Potts, "the leg," is a midfielder defensive stopper who can kick the ball a mile.

Beau Himpel is a high-scoring tiger with ball-handling skills that would make the great Pele envious.

Zachary Beggs is "the man, the stopper" and the best goalie I've ever seen.

Christina Self plays offensive and defense, possibly the "toughest player on the team.

Lexi Mische is probably only 40 pounds dripping wet but battles with the best of them.

Tyler Henley is a tall, fast thoroughbred who "owns the left sideline and scores from everywhere.

Aaron Connor is a very athletic newcomer to the team.

The most impressive thing about this soccer team is they are a total "team" oriented group of kids who are humble throughout their season with no bad mouthing or other unsportsman-like conduct of any kind, which is a reflection of their coaches and parents alike. Good luck in the future, Bobkicks.

Dave and Nancy McKee, Tonganoxie.

Opposed to mobile home park

To the editor:

Construction recently began on the Country Hill Addition mobile home park at U.S. Highway 24-40 and Smiley Road within Tonganoxie city limits. The final plans for this development have yet to be approved.

My husband and I own and live on 10.5 acres bordering the proposed park to the north. This park directly impacts us as well as our fellow citizens of Tonganoxie. A July 2000 article in The Mirror stated that Tonganoxie needed low-income housing. In addition to protecting our own property values and living environment, we feel obligated to Tonganoxie citizens, especially low-income families, to state our concerns and stand up for what we believe to be right. Tonganoxie is experiencing rapid growth. If our community needs low-income housing, there are better options than developing a mobile home park.

Mobile homes are expensive and depreciate rapidly without building owner equity. Expensive lot rent and property maintenance only adds to owners' financial burden. Mobile home parks don't benefit struggling families, while financial benefits to park owners and mobile home retailers are obvious.

I believe this development, as planned, because of problems with its construction and development will be detrimental to my property, to my neighbors and to the city of Tonganoxie.

Tonganoxie will be a better city in the future if we concentrate on low-income housing other than mobile home parks.

I urge the citizens of Tonganoxie to attend the meeting of the Planning Commission on Thursday, Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. at City Hall regarding final plans for Country Hill Addition. Tonganoxie has always been a community in which all citizens and their opinions are valued. Your opinion does matter, so please come, voice your opinion, and make a difference.

Brenda H. Latham, Tonganoxie.

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