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Political contributions

November 1, 2000

Following are campaign contributions reported by Leavenworth County Commission candidates.

Third District

Wayne Eldridge


$500: Earl Bryant Enterprises, Basehor.

$400: David Zupancic, Leavenworth.

$250: Gary Wells, Basehor.

$200: Stanley Farms, Bonner Springs.

$100: Terry Campbell, Lansing; Stanley Horn, Basehor; Paul McKie, Tonganoxie; V.B. Greenamyre, Leavenworth; David Greenamyre, Leavenworth; G. Brown, McLouth.

$50: C.P. McMillon, Tonganoxie; Jerry Sipes, Bonner Springs.

$30: Klamm Farms, Bonner Springs.

$25: Ronald Pritchard, Tonganoxie; Jerry Baker, Tonganoxie.

$20: Allen Siegert, Basehor.

In-kind contributions

Sandy Fos, Leavenworth, note pads, $208.45; D.J. Maxwell, Bonner Springs, newspaper ads for $225 and $409.

Joseph Daniels Jr.


$500: J.W. Evans, Tonganoxie.

$200: Connie Daniels, Tonganoxie.

$100: William New, Tonganoxie; Walter Stedman, Kansas City, KS; Ernest Edmonds, Tonganoxie; Donald Vought, Leavenworth; Alfred T. Bowen, Leavenworth; Chris Donnelly, Tonganoxie; L. Kent Needham, Tonganoxie; Roger White, Leavenworth

$75: Blaine Saunders, Leavenworth.


Joseph Daniels Jr. loan to opening checking account for campaign $100.

Second District

Robert L. Adams


$300: Cash from unknown individuals.

$200: J & M Properties, Leavenworth.

$100: Robert Adams, Leavenworth; Nora Bietka, Leavenworth; Bill & Loris New, Leavenworth; L. Kent & Terry Needham; Roger and Jilinda White, Leavenworth; Midwest Carpet, Tonganoxie; unknown source by mail.

$50: Leavenworth County Republican Women, Leavenworth.


$100, Robert L. Adams.

Hank Spellman


$400: David P. Zupancic, Leavenworth.

$250: Gary Wells, Basehor.

$200: Robert Doran III, Leavenworth; Stanley Farm, Bonner Springs; Terry Campbell, Lansing.

$100: David A. Greenamyre, Leavenworth; V.B. Greenamyre, Leavenworth; Schubert Brothers, Troy.

$50: Chamlie Lingenfelser, Bonner Springs.

$40: Joe Chilson, Bonner Springs.

$25: Ted Ellis, Tonganoxie; Kenneth Johnson, Bonner Springs; Pamela Sipes, Bonner Springs.

$20: Scott Kindrick, Leavenworth.

In-kind contributions

Sandy Fos, Lansing, note pads, $208.45; D.J. Maxwell Concrete, Bonner Springs, paid for ad, $225.

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