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Final Election Results

November 7, 2000

Final Election Results
All 37 precincts reporting

39th District Kansas House
R-Ray Cox (Incumbent), 9,848 (30 of 30)
D-Linda Schuttler, 4,044

40th District Kansas House
D-Candy Ruff (Incumbent), 1,424 (7 of 7)
R-Todd Q. Abbott, 946

41st District Kansas House
D-Marti Crow (Incumbent), 4,266 (11 of 11)
R-Richard Kiper, 2,643

42nd District Kansas House
D-Jim Pittman, 3,912 (17 of 17)
R-Kenny Wilk (Incumbent), 6,158

3rd District Kansas Senate
D-Mike Gibbens, 9,729 (39 of 39)
R-Bob Lyon, 11,347

5th District Kansas Senate
D-Mark Gilstrap, 16,590 (53 of 53)
R-Chester Richards, 8,588

2nd District Leavenworth County Commission
D-Hank Spellman, 3,224
R-Bob Adams (Incumbent), 3.916

3rd District Leavenworth County Commission
D-Wayne Eldridge, 4,315
R-Joe Daniels Jr., 5,459

District Judges, Leavenworth and Atchison counties
Voters were asked if district judges should be elected in the First Judicial District, which encompasses Atchison and Leavenworth Counties. Currently, judges are selected by a nonpartisan commission, which submits up to three nominees to the governor, who makes the final pick. Voters then decide whether to retain judges.
Yes: 13,471
No: 13,738

Sheriff's officers' retirement
Voters were asked if the retirement plans for Leavenworth County sheriff's officers could be included in the Kansas Police and Fire Retirement Fund.
Yes: 11,620
No: 9,074

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