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November 15, 2000

Education is a partnership

To the editor:

The week of Nov. 12-18 will mark the 79th annual observance of American Education Week a time for saluting our public schools and the relationships among teachers, students and parents.

The theme of this year's celebration, "Children Schools Parents: Helping Students Achieve," reflects our combined commitment to get all students to learn and succeed. The interaction among children, parents and teachers cannot be underplayed. If the partnership between teacher and parent is strong, the child's chances of success skyrocket.

Today's teachers do more than teach basic skills. They nurture and inspire children. They help students learn essential skills not always measured in testing, such as critical thinking, conflict resolution, cooperation and problem solving. These are skills to help each student throughout life.

I invite parents to visit your child's classroom and learn for yourself how you and the teacher can work together. If you do not have children, please consider visiting a Tonganoxie school and see today's educators in action. Consider asking how you can contribute to a child's success. We'll be glad to advise.

I'm proud to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the students I teach.

John Korb,

Tonganoxie Education Association president.

Mobile home park issue

To the editor:

I have attended city planning meetings about the mobile home park on 24-40 highway at Smiley Road. I have concerns about a lot of decisions involving our city. Concerns about our sewer and water systems being adequate enough. School concerns with all the developing. Developing is going on at the taxpayers' expense. Traffic concerns on Smiley Road. With all the rezoning and building that has already taken place and now a 91-lot mobile home park.

The city only has to post new developments in the newspaper one time, in the legal section; they do not have to inform neighbors. The city planning commission in three months had a new chairman, one new member, one open seat and two absentees, and denied an extension on passing mobile home park plats.

Make sure you know proper procedure on opposing development plans or you will be misled. The city planning commission members do not have to reside in the city. The growth in the city should be positive and well-managed growth and not a burden on taxpayers.

I do feel that a mobile home park will decrease surrounding property values and the value of this city. We have one mobile home park on the outer part of our city now.

I urge you to get to know the people who are making major decisions and what personal interest they may have city administrator, mayor, planning commission, city counsel. Tonganoxie's future depends on it.

Rose Yorkovich,


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