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Unofficial Vote Totals

November 15, 2000

Following are unofficial vote totals for general election races:

2nd District County Commission: Bob Adams, 3,916; Hank Spellman, 3,224.

3rd District County Commission: Joesph Daniels Jr., 5,459; Wayne Eldridge, 4,315.

Countywide question (with Atchison County) on whether to elect judges in the First Judicial District: Failed.

Countywide question on whether to move Leavenworth County sheriff's officers' retirements into the Kansas Police and Fire Fund: Passed.

3rd District Kansas Senate: Bob Lyon, 11,347; Mike Gibbens, 9,729.

5th District Kansas Senate: Mark Gilstrap, 16,590; Chester Richards, 8,588.

39th District Kansas House: Ray Cox, 9,848; Linda Schuttler, 4,004.

40th District Kansas House: Candy Ruff, 1,424; Todd Q. Abbott, 946.

41st District Kansas House: Marti Crow, 4,266; Richard Kiper, 2,643.

42nd District Kansas House: Kenny Wilk, 6,158; Jim Pittman, 3,912.

Basehor/Fairmount Township Trustee: Fred Stitt, unoppposed.

Basehor/Fairmount Township Treasurer: George Racki, unopposed.

Boling/High Prairie Township Trustee: Philip Clark, unopposed.

Boling/High Prairie Township Treasurer: James Dyson Sr., unopposed.

Delaware Township Trustee: Sharon Jeselnik, unopposed.

Easton Township Trustee: David Gwartney, unopposed.

Easton Township Treasurer: Donald "Pete" Gwartney, unopposed.

Kickapoo Township Trustee: Margaret Herrig, unopposed.

Kickapoo Township Tresurer: Kenny Heintzelman, unopposed.

Linwood/Sherman Township Trustee: Stuart Sweeney, unopposed.

Linwood/Sherman Township Treasurer: Jimmy Elder, 546, Tina Spanos, 463.

Reno Township Trustee: Robert Soetaert, unopposed.

Reno Township Treasurer: Melissa "Missy" Saathoff, unopposed.

Springdale/Alexandria Township Trustee: Bill Sproul, unopposed.

Sprindale/Alexandria Township Treasurer: Richard Parker, unopposed.

Stranger Township Trustee: Richard Riedel, 538; Albert Doege, 474.

Stranger Township Treasurer: George Lingenfelser, unopposed.

Tonganoxie Township Trustee: Steven Laforge, unopposed.

Tonganoxie Township Treasurer: Richard Harris, unopposed.

These county officials ran unoppposed: Linda Scheer, county clerk; Janice Young, county treasurer; Stacy Driscoll, register of deeds; Frank Kohl, county attorney; and Herb Nye, sheriff.

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