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If I had been at the first Thanksgiving …

November 22, 2000

As Thanksgiving nears, first grade students in Sue Flynn's class are thinking about the first Thanksgiving.

In fact, they've written their thoughts about what would happen if they had been a pilgrim child who was present at the first Thanksgiving.

Even though they express varied ideas, a common thread friendship runs through their comments.

Read on to see how the young generation envisions what they would have seen or done had they been present at the first Thanksgiving.

Amber Shuster

At dinner we can sit by each other and eat turkey. After dinner we can go play. We can put feathers on our necklaces.

Ryan Theno

I would cook with the Indians. I would go hunting for deer.

Shane Starcher

I would say, "Hello!" to the Indians. "Who are you? Bring the turkey."

Alicia Johansen

Hi! I hope I can see you at your teepee. I could sit around your campfire. We can eat moose. We can cut the skin and make a coat.

Lindsey Truesdell

Hello, Chief Tonganoxie! Have some cranberry sauce.

Colby Yates

I like it here in America. The Indians are nice to us.

Tyler Bartholomew

I would say, "Hi!" to the Indians. "Do you want to have a feast?"

Jacob Egger

I'd meet an Indian boy named Chief. We'd eat mountain lion. We'd see a bear. It would growl at me and claw me. The Indian boy would shoot the bear with a bow and arrow.

Maggie Gripka

I would say, "Hi! Do you want to come over and play with me?" Then we could have a feast with our family.

Payton Vermeesch

I would say, "What's up?" to the Indians. Then we would play kickball with a tumbleweed.

Reed Bartels

Could we have buffalo? And then go play with the little Indian and pilgrim children.

Rachel Wood

I'm a pilgrim girl. Would you like to come over and have a feast? We can eat turkey, potatoes, corn and a big dessert, pumpkin pie.

Alison Lentz

The pilgrims and Indians ate turkey, corn and water to drink. The next morning the sun came up. The girls came out of the teepees and planted corn.

Austin Beach

I would eat pumpkin pie, turkey and chicken. After that I'd go play "Hide and Go Seek."

Devon Gilpin

The pilgrims and Indians had turkey, chicken and buffalo. They drank brown juice. A pilgrim went out in search of the turkey. When he tried to get back, he was eaten by a bear.

Angelica Jackson

I would eat deer, apple pie and turkey. I'd have a brownie for dessert.

Tony Juarez

Tony moved here from Mexico at the beginning of the school year. He said they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico, but added, "We do have a family time for being thankful."

Shelby Pitts

I would roast a turkey and eat it with the Indians. We could eat deer, too. I would ask the Indian and pilgrim kids to play with me.

Aubrey Drozinski

I would say to the Indians, "Would you like to have a party and eat turkey, mashed potatoes and buffalo?"

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