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Kansans enjoy many blessings

November 22, 2000

By Bill Graves

Another year is speeding by, and the holiday season is upon us. Everyone knows Thanksgiving typically is a time to appreciate what you have. As the governor of Kansas, I have several reasons to give thanks. I enjoy a job that's challenging and makes me happy. Our state continues to prosper and I am privileged to work with, and for, some of the finest individuals anywhere. Most importantly, I have a wonderful wife and daughter. Friends and work are important, but family makes everything worthwhile.

I once thought being governor was the hardest, most fulfilling job I could imagine. It still ranks near the top, but being a parent will forever hold top billing for me. Being Katie's dad has redefined everything I do and everything I am. My job, my marriage, my outlook on life all changed five years ago last month with the arrival of our daughter. I must say the change was for the better. I think other parents would agree with me on that point.

As we go about the day to day tasks of living, it's easy to lose perspective of the elements that make life complete. Our families, our freedom, our health and our safety all contribute to who we are and why should be thankful.

I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving. I suppose that's because it is one of the least commercialized and most relaxing holidays. I suspect most Americans share similar memories of friends and family gathered around the table to give thanks for all we enjoy. Good times, good food and good company make for a holiday to remember. Of course, after the meal, attentions turn to things like football and shopping, and the tensions of the holiday season can't be far behind.

I encourage Kansans to reflect on the many blessings we enjoy. We live in the heartland of the greatest nation in the world and we enjoy a standard of living that most of the world's population doesn't even dream of achieving. All the reasons our forefathers had for gathering and giving thanks are relevant today. Thanksgiving is not about the material possessions we accumulate. It's about recognizing the value of what we have and putting our accomplishments in proper perspective.

I send my best wishes to all Kansans for a safe and happy holiday season.

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