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Strong leadership needed

October 4, 2000

Was it worth it? Looking back at history, it seems every war we lost, or to which Americans were sent, was done so without the intention of winning (sent by a Democrat president, too, I might add), thus sending a message to the Communists el only go so far.In my opinion, it absolutely inexcusable for American citizens to lose their limbs and/or lives in this manner. It wrong! This was what Gen. Douglas MacArthur stated to President Truman. In September of 1945 the first American death in Vietnam occurred during the unrest in Saigon. Lt. Col. Peter Dewey was killed; however, before his death he had filed a report on the deepening crisis, stating he U. S. ought to clear out of Southeast Asia!Again, our Democrat leadership turned a deaf ear. In the Korean War, 36,916 men were killed and 103,284 men were wounded; in Vietnam the number killed was 58,193 with 153,363 wounded. Was it worth it? I believe if we ask our armed forces to go to war, we should fight to win!

As a college student, it seems our outgoing president was friendly with the Communists. We have all observed him sending troops overseas in places where we shouldn be. How many lives will this cost us? The message is loud and clear: We shouldn send Americans to war to help make gutless leaders look good. It time we retire this kind of leadership and elect someone who stands for God, country, duty and honor.

As of this date, 17 Kansans have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. In addition, many more have showed distinguished bravery and gallantry to keep this nation free. Men in all 50 states have given their share, standing tall for the United States of America. We should expect no less of our political leaders.

When you go to the poll to vote, please keep in mind what is best for our country; we must remain a strong nation.

John Lyndon Smith, Tonganoxie

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