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Runners preparing for league

October 5, 2000

One meet left before league.

When the Chieftains travel to DeSoto Thursday it will be the last race the injury- and illness-depleted team runs before next week Kaw Valley League meet in Tonganoxie.

After Desoto, the team can look forward to a few days of lighter practices for freshening up before league, which the girls and boys both have a shot at winning.

The team needs a light week.

It been battling illness and injury for the entire season, and that was no more pronounced than last Thursday in Gardner.

Junior Alan Davis, who has had a phenomenal season was hampered by the flu and was not up to par for the race.

Senior Matt Needham, who has been battling a nagging ear and throat infection all season, switched to a different medication recently hoping to get well before the end of the season.

Whether the medicine does its job remains to be seen, but it made him sick to his stomach.

Coach Phil Williams said he hadn known about the nausea until after the race.

A tough Needham finished the race, taking 34th with a time of 20:41.

Williams said that sophomores Tony Aligo and Laura Korb were both nursing wounds at the meet. Aligo had a strained quadricep, and Korb has been battling tendonitis for most of the season.

Despite all these problems, the cross country team still had one of its best Thursdays of the year.

e haven had many chances for both teams to have a shot at winning the meet,said Williams.

At Gardner, the girls team and the boys team did win.

The high finisher for the girls was Korb, who took fourth with a time of 14:03. Junior Alicia Stauch finished next for the Chieftains, taking eighth with a time of 14:25.

Junior Erin Seymour and senior Kristin Korb finished 13th and 18th, respectively. Seymour ran 14:35 and Korb ran a 15:08.

In the boys race, sophomore Kyle Norris was Tonganoxie high finisher. He took second in the race, running the course in 17:58.

Despite suffering from the flu, Alan Davis still ran a good race and finished in fourth place for the Chief-tains, running 18:38.

Sophomore Tommy Powell, who been running strong recently, finished in 19:33 for 11th place.

Rounding out Tongan-oxie medallists were junior Nathan Bailey, who took 15th with a time of 19:58 and Sophomore Tony Aligo, who finished in 20:01 for 19th place.

In the junior varsity race, junior David Saultz took fourth with a time of 20:04.

That same day, some other Chieftains were running at Lansing.

In the girls race, freshman Elizabeth Smith took 18th in the varsity race, running the two miles in 15:38.

Freshman Ben Brest took 20th in the varsity boys race with a time of 20:48.

Junior Chris Thomas came in next for Ton-ganoxie, taking 34th in 22:53. Freshman Tyler Davidson took fourth in the junior varsity race. He ran the course in 22:01.

The team runs at 4 p.m. Thursday in DeSoto.

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