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October 11, 2000

Rec commission plans day trip
The Tonganoxie Recreation Commission is planning a day trip for community members to a rodeo and music show.
The American Rodeo and Music Show will take place in Kansas City at Kemper Arena.
Commission Director Mark Zerrer said tickets were available for $25 and could be ordered by calling the commission. The ticket includes the trip there and back, a rodeo ticket and a ticket to a performance by country singer Sawyer Brown.
The bus for the event will leave 5:30 p.m. Nov. 4 from the Tonganoxie High School parking lot.
The commission phone number is (913) 845-3502.

Team finds success in busy, final week
The last week of the regular season was a busy one for Tonganoxie's eighth-grade volleyball team.
It played three times in five days.
On Oct. 3, the team traveled to DeSoto to play Lexington Trails Middle School.
The girls were scorching.
Both the A- and the B-team went undefeated.
The B-team won 16-14, 15-5, 15-0, 15-13 and 15-19.
The A-team won 15-8, 15-9 and 15-13.
Fresh off that undefeated outing, the A-team came home the next day for the Tongan-oxie Triangular vs. Xavier and Lansing.
But one day can make a lot of difference.
One day after winning all of its games, the A-team lost all of its games in the triangular.
But on Saturday, both the A-team and the B-team brought their A-games. The A-team took first and the B-team took second.
Deadline approaching
for recreation leagues
The Tonganoxie Recreation Commission is taking sign-ups for both its third- and fourth-grade basketball league and its fourth- through sixth-grade volleyball league.
The sign-up deadline for the leagues is Saturday.
The volleyball league cost $15, which includes a T-shirt.
High School coach Kelly Alexander will be the lead instructor for the program.
The basketball league cost $20, which includes a T-shirt.

Grade school cross country results
Third grade
1. John Emery
2. Bret Koch
3. Kenny Schultz
4. Nathan Stauch
5. D.J. Lindsay
6. Abby Eisman
7. Billy Anderson
8. Daniel Holton
9. Jacob Woolf
10. Jessica Stinson
11. Colon Rosewicz
12. Dane Gonser
13. Andie Jeannin
14. Morgan Lacy
15. Jeremy Elliot
16. Thomas Denholm
17. Mason Aye
18. Dylan Young
19. Lacey Moore
20. Kendra Walters
21. Makenzie Walters
22. Nikki Pennington
23. Bobbie Heeter
24. Zack Kaighin
25. Matthew Richardson

Fourth grade
1. David Powell
2. Matt Brock
3. Tommy Briggs
4. Addy Phelps
5. Chrissie Jeannin
6. Robert Schlicht
7. Crystal Sheaffer
8. Kavet Letourneau
9. Josh Barfield
10. Darian Hammond
11. Lauren Himpel
12. Leah McCaffrey
13. Justin Crotty
14. Dalton Lawson
15. Saxon Hammond
16. Emily Myers
17. Chelsea Calovich
18. Emily Gripka
19. Kristy Walker
20. Robert Robinson
21. B.J. Schwegler

Fifth grade
1. Travis Adcox
2. Jared Lamb
3. Allee Smith
4. Todd Brown
5. Keith Wentz-Hall
6. Tyson Letourneau
7. Christy Weller
8. Patrick McMullin
9. Max Packard
10. Eric Hart
11. Kevin Gill
12. Katie Chenoweth
13. Justin Moss
14. Alyssa Walters
15. Patrick Holton
16. Ryan Stockman
17. Tyler Sparks
18. Tracie Hileman
19. Tyler Gurss
20. Trey Brumbaugh
21. Austin Koontz
22. Jimmy Shufflebean
23. Hannah Herrstrom
24. Sarah Smith

Sixth gradeM
1. Daniel Volk
2. Alex Nowasell
3. Terry Crossland
4. Michael Shaw
5. Shannon Smith
6. Rebecca Bogard
7. Rachel Bogard
8. Bryan Morris
9. Zeb Kissinger
10. Justin Smith
11. Jordan Herron
12. Austin Melchior
13. Tyler Thomas
14. Ali Pistora
15. Sarah Kotowske
16. Travis Guthrie
17. Chris Sheppard
18. Alex Kissinger
19. Chris Jackson
20. Ashley Aragon
21. Jeff Hughes

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