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Drug and alcohol education leads to designated drivers

October 18, 2000

Leavenworth County Sheriff Herb Nye said the Drug House Odyssey has gone over well the last two years.

We get a lot of good comments on it, Nye said. I think that people, if they havent been to it should probably go. Its a good experience and its rather eye-opening for people who live in a sheltered environment.

Nye said that while he doesnt think there has been a significant increase in the number of drunken drivers during the years, there does seem to be an increase in designated drivers.

I am noticing that the role of the designated driver is actually getting through to people, Nye said. At the sobriety checkpoints, I understand weve had several carloads of actual polluted drunks come through and they had a designated driver who hadnt been drinking all night.

Go out and party if thats what you want to do, but please, please have somebody responsible behind the wheel who hasnt been drinking.

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