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Halloween safety requires education


October 20, 2000

It's almost time for ghosts and goblins to ring our door bells and sing out, "trick or treat."

Halloween can be an exciting time, especially for young children. However, Halloween quickly can turn tragic if those children and their parents don't remember some basic safety precautions.

Most parents know to ensure that their children accept and eat treats that are safe.

However, that's only part of the picture.

Children can be hurt because their costume obstructs their vision or is too long, making youngsters vulnerable to falls and accidents with vehicles. In addition, costumes that are darkly colored can make children easy targets for vehicles. Lit Jack-o-lanterns too close to doorsteps can catch costumes on fire.

In addition, children should be instructed to travel in familiar areas along a route they have talked over with their parents. And adults should accompany young children on their Halloween night rounds.

Let's make this Halloween night one to remember for the children of our community because they had fun and they were safe.

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