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Tonganoxie teen poses A&E question … and wins

October 25, 2000

Early last summer, Kara Coffee, an eighth-grade student at Tonganoxie Junior High, entered a competition on the A&E Web site.

The competition called for participants to submit five clues about a famous person. Each person whose questions were accepted would receive a new game called "Who Am I?"

So, when Coffee decided to participate, she concentrated on Stephen King. Coffee submitted theses five clues by e-mail:

You might consider me royalty in my profession.

I might have given you a fear of clowns.

Why can`t they just stay in the semetery?

Christine was no sweet lady, at least, not in my book.

Carrie had to walk The Green Mile in order to get to the prom.

"I did this at the beginning of the summer," Coffee said. "And I completely forgot about it until I got the game last week."

She and her mother tried out the game last week.

"I got some of the people right, but some of them are pretty hard to figure out," Coffee said.

But she did get Sigmund Freud right.

"I knew who he was," Coffee said.

Being one of those who contributed to the game`s clues was not a fluke, as Coffee likes to know about famous people.

Not only does she watch the A&E channel on television, which features biographical programs, she also reads about famous people.

"I read biographies, too, just to know what other people`s lives are like," Coffee said. "They seem so different, but their lives seem more normal, like ours, when you learn more about them."

Coffee, whose Trapper Keeper is plastered with a collage of pictures of her friends, keeps active in school. She participates on the basketball and volleyball teams, and is a member of student council.

She said she plans to major in journalism when she goes to college.

Coffee is the daughter of Vicki Sublett and Charles Johnson, Tonganoxie, and Kerry and Angilica Coffee, Port Huenene, Calif.

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