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Volunteer work adds to community’s pride


September 13, 2000

Now that the bulk of work is complete on Tonganoxie's athletic complex, residents of our community should take the time to attend a football game or a soccer match.

One can't help but feel proud that hundreds of hours of volunteer labor made the athletic complex a reality.

The new complex includes grandstands on the west side of the football field, a storage building and press box, the new track and the multi-purpose facility. And the recreation commission has spearheaded efforts in the city's new Chieftain Park that include play equipment, a regulation-size soccer field and a practice soccer field.

It's truly amazing what commitment to a community can accomplish. And it's interesting to note that those people who are responsible for some of the many improvements are quick to underscore the efforts of others.

For example, Larry Meadows, a local contractor who's been instrumental in the process, lauded the foresight of Richard Erickson, school superintendent, as well as the work of Sam Lobb, who has labored tirelessly to ensure the soccer field's completion.

And Meadows praised the efforts of all involved, which saved the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"We were lucky to have people involved on the committee and projects who had expertise in the areas that it took to build a facility like that," Meadows said.

"They also had the financial capability to spend time on it and had the background and education and training to be able to get that done."

The city of Tonganoxie should join Meadows in his praise of others and should thank him for all of the many hours and the donation of materials that made these athletic facility improvements possible for the students of our schools.

It should make our student-athletes proud each time they step on the football field or the soccer field that this community cares so much about them.

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