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September 27, 2000

Concerning the Basehor mayor's dilemma should he resign or not? Could he not simply tell the people if he committed the crimes he is charged with? Again, that is the question not if he is convicted, but straight from Mr. Pfannenstiel's mouth I'd like to him say yes or no to "are you guilty of this charge?"

If I were accused of a felony crime, the first thing to come out of my mouth would be an acknowledgment of my innocence, if that were true. If I were guilty, I would hope I could acknowledge my wrong and ask for forgiveness.

Don't tell me he can't answer the allegations forthright, before any hearing. He can if he wants to. How do you trust and have respect for anyone who is deceitful and holds out to see if they can get by with their offense?

How can we allow people we do not trust and respect to be leaders in our community our country? The President got away with it. Did he set the standard for the American people Christians included? I hope not

(By the way, I lived about 50 years in the Basehor community and our four children completed their high school education there. Hence my concern.)

Joyce Williams, Lawrence

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