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Students landscape athletic facility

September 27, 2000

Last Thursday morning, Chad Bradley and Greg Frye worked together, planting about a dozen chrysanthemums along the fence at the southwest edge of the high school football field.

Bradley and Frye are students in Russ Plaschka's horticulture class.

This year, the 10 students in the class are undertaking a big task to plan and landscape the high school athletic complex.

The estimated $4,000 project will be completed as funds are available. Plaschka said he thought the class-time project would probably take several years to complete.

Plaschka said he thought students were having a good time planting the flowers.

"Even though some of them won't want to admit it, they seem to like doing the work," Plaschka said. "You can walk by and hear them talking about what the flower beds need where. And, they're learning teamwork."

School superintendent Richard Erickson said the school district would help fund the project.

"And I think the Tonganoxie Booster Club will also help with some of the finances," Erickson said.

Thursday afternoon, Debbie Breuer, president of the Tonganoxie Booster Club, presented a $500 check to Plaschka and to one of his students, Shann Trieb. The money, she said, was donated because the booster club usually rents a tent from Big T Tents, owned by Steve and Wendee Trieb. The tent rental is usually $500 for the season, she said. But this year the Triebs, whose son, Shann, is in the horticulture class, asked that the $500 be donated to the horticulture class to help purchase plants.

Erickson praised the students for their efforts in landscaping the football-field area.

"I'm just real thankful and proud of our horticulture program, and of Mr. Plaschka and his students for their volunteer efforts on this project," Erickson said. "That will make a much more attractive facility."

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