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Concerns about power plant

April 4, 2001

To the editor:
No doubt we need new power plants in this country, but common sense rules out this power plant. Who is this Duke Energy North, coming 1,500 miles to build an electric plant? Where will they get the water? Who gets the electricity? Whose property will eminent domain take away? How will it affect land values?
The most important fact is that it is run by natural gas. Natural gas usage is up 40 percent in the last 10 years, but drilling hasn't kept up. With the low price of natural gas most companies didn't find it profitable to drill. So, now we have a shortage of natural gas. Prices "quadrupled" last winter! So, where will they get the natural gas? It will take a "tremendous" amount to run a 650-megawatt plant. How will it affect prices? Just how much natural gas will the plant use a year? How will it affect "your" gas bills? Who gets cut off when there's a shortage, you or the plant? If you get any of the electricity how much higher will your electric bills be? KPL is already asking for a 19 percent increase! All this for maybe 25 jobs, most of which will probably come from out of state.
It seems the fact your electric and gas bills could skyrocket doesn't really seem worth it.
Robert E. Dally,

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