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Deer-hunting season regulations approved

April 25, 2001

The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission approved several regulations establishing the 2001 deer hunting season at a public hearing Thursday evening at Tonganoxie Junior High School.

Several provisions to regulations were discussed at two previous commission meetings. After Thursday's meeting, approved deer regulations include the following provisions:

No more than one antlered deer permit per hunter

Hunters may purchase a white-tail antlerless only permit (valid for use statewide, including department properties) and up to four deer game tags (primary deer permit not required for purchase), although only two of the game tags are valid in deer management units 17 and 18. Game tags may not be used on department-owned or managed lands, although they may be used on WIHA properties.

Firearm permits for white-tailed deer may be used during the muzzleloader-only season with equipment legal for that season. (Any deer permits retain differentiation between muzzleloader, and regular firearms permits, unlike white-tail permits, do not allow use of a firearm with Any Deer permit during muzzleloader season).

A preference point system is established for Any Deer firearms permits, similar to the current system for antelope permits.

Keith Sexton, KDWP Assistant Secretary for Operations said, "We want to continue efforts to reduce white-tailed deer populations to levels acceptable to all Kansans, to maintain the trophy quality of our white-tailed and mule deer herds, to simplify the permitting process, and to ensure that our permit system is equitable for all deer hunters."

The commission approved the following season dates at the meeting:

Muzzleloader season: Sept. 15-28

Youth/disabled person: Sept. 29-30

Archery season: Oct. 1-Nov. 27 and Dec. 10-31

Firearms season: Nov. 28-Dec. 9

January white-tail antlerless season: Jan. 1-13

Application deadlines for various permit categories include the following:

Nonresident deer permits- May 31

Resident any deer firearms and muzzleloader permits- July 13

Resident white-tail either sex firearms permits, resident statewide archery permits, hunt-own-land permits- Jan. 12

The next commission meeting will be June 14 in Hays.

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