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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

August 1, 2001

One of our teachers would like to sound off. She looks forward to each new year, each new group of young minds, to teach to train. She would also like to see more parents get involved. How? Just drop into your child's room, and listen, volunteer even an hour or two each week or even once a month if that all you can. Tutoring, helping a child with math or reading. Share your school days with them.

"We need to be more positive, and supportive. We still have eager young minds wanting to learn, to know." "Yes there are problems today, however I think sometimes it seems the fear and negative take over." "I feel," she said, "if more parents could find the time to be in and out of the classrooms seeing, hearing, knowing, school is still a great and happy part of a child's life.

"Our many grandparents who do get involved are a real treasure, without even trying they teach morals, self esteem, respect and trust." As one of my mothers said "They just sort of rub off on the kids, they love 'em."

A great big "hats-off" to our great teachers. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. Those Scottie Dogs, dads-at-school, down in Eureka Springs, Ark., are growing, going into their third year.

Oh and mark your calendars for the Drag and Brag quilt show Sept. 29 and 30 in Paola. Just mark your calendars now, we'll remind you later.

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