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Berry family planning full week at 75th annual fair

August 1, 2001

For the Berry family, this year's Leavenworth County Fair will become a full-family event.

This will be the first year that youngest daughter Melinda will be able to join her older sister, Rachel, in many of the contests offered at the fair.

Melinda, 8, said she is a little nervous about her first competition.

"Yeah, a little but I have done some of the stuff for two years in the mini 4-H," Melinda said.

Rachel, 12, said she doesn't know how well she is going to do during the competition but she is going to give it her best shot.

"I hope I do well and I know I am going to try hard," Rachel said.

Both girls have participated at great lengths in the Bell 4-H club but before this year Melinda was not old enough to compete in the contests held at the fair. That has all changed and now the two sisters will begin preparing for the several contests they have entered.

Between the two, the contests they will be entering range from judging of sheep, horses, pigs, clothing construction and photography.

From their Leavenworth home the Berry family raise a variety of animals, most of which are used for the fair.

It appears the Berry family gets full use out of their two-acre spread one mile south of Atchison. Among the animals raised by the family are horses, pigs, sheep, rabbits, dogs and cats.

Some of those animals will make the trip to the fair, however some will not come back.

"The pigs and the sheep will go to the fair for sale and hopefully they won't be coming back," Glenn Berry said.

To enjoy the events at the Leavenworth County Fair, the family will pack up and move to the fairgrounds in Tonganoxie for the week. Aside from coming by their house once or twice to check on the animals, the family will remain at the fairgrounds until the event is concluded.

"This is a family connected thing," Rhonda Berry said. "Even though the kids are competing, 4-H is real family oriented. It's not a cutthroat thing. For our family this is our activity."

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