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Chinstraps and Mouthpieces: Sportswriter ponders what’s in store in 2002

August 1, 2001

A little bit of hustle, or at least that's what I hope I did, led to a torn ACL during a softball game a few weeks ago in a men's league game in Olathe. In eight years of football, my knees held up in a sport that can be murder on joints. Instead I messed up my right knee in the more mild slow-pitch softball. Hopefully a team will pick me up next year if my team puts me up for free agency.

Surgery was last Wednesday, and thanks to medication, recuperating hasn't been an absolutely horrible struggle. Actual recovery time before I'm competing in sports again is a year, but I'm praying it goes faster than that. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sylvester Morris tore his ACL in offseason drills and could be playing again just in time for the playoffs. Morris' recovery time would be much less than a year, so I should be back very soon. Oh, Morris' job is being an athlete and he probably has a few more trainers and personnel to help him. With that in mind, I'll be stepping back on any type of playing for the next time in summer 2002.

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The Kansas City Royals made a trade that will prepare them for a run at the postseason. In a three-team deal, outfielder Jermaine Dye went to Oakland and shortstop Neifi Perez came from Colorado. Damon left last year for substantially more money, but Dye seemed more determined to call Kansas City home for some time. For a team trying to build for the future, whenever that is, the Royals aren't making much progress in construction. Last year pitching was the problem, this year offense is more of a problem. Dye actually wanted to stick around, but oh-so small market Royals have to save some money. Perez is a very solid shortstop, but veteran Rey Sanchez is too. Sanchez reportedly could go to Atlanta, and the acquisition of Perez makes that writing on the wall more legible. First-baseman Mike Sweeney, the core of the club, wants to stay in Kansas City for a long time, but that would seem doubtful with some of the deals the front office is making right now. Moving into a new stadium might be moot if there's no team to transport. Perhaps Sacramento would be interested in adding a declining baseball organization to its former-Kansas City basketball organization. The Royals are in last place in the American League Central with a 41-64 record.

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For any Chicago Cub enthusiasts in the Kansas City and surrounding area, the Cubs are 61-43, in first place in the National League Central, own the National League's best record and third-best in the majors, and just acquired veteran first baseman Fred McGriff from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

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