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Linwood bridge slated for removal

August 1, 2001

In about two weeks, a Leavenworth contractor will begin to disassemble a 94-year-old bridge over Stranger Creek in Linwood.

And it's possible a portion of the bridge could end up in Tonganoxie.

The bridge was crippled when June's floodwaters ate away the creek's west bank. The bridge dropped about 10 feet, and county officials closed it to traffic.

Now, plans call for Leavenworth Excavation and Equipment Co. to remove the bridge, piece by piece. The concrete decking will be sawed into slabs and removed with a crane. Workers will disassemble the steel and remove the abutments, according to Russ Stark, vice president of the firm.

Work should get under way on Aug. 15, depending on the level of the creek, which is dictated to a large degree by the level of the nearby Kansas River.

"Right now, the river is going back down," Stark said.

The $62,450 project, funded by the county, should take two to three weeks.

The Leavenworth County Fair Board is interested in any salvageable parts of the bridge, to be used at the fairgrounds in Tonganoxie. Fair board member Jeff Dickinson had suggested the idea.

"I'm hoping to talk with them to see if it's possible for it to be moved," said David Todd, fair board president. "I don't know how monumental a task that could be. We don't have much in the way of funds to pay for anything like that. It would be ideal for crossing that ditch back there."

Todd estimated that at least 100 feet would be needed at the fairgrounds.

"It's worth investigating," he said.

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