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Radio club plans to offer message service at fair

August 1, 2001

The Pilot Knob Amateur Radio club of Leavenworth will operate an Amateur (Ham) Radio station from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Aug. 10 at the Leavenworth County Fair in Tonganoxie.

The radio club will provide a free RadioGram service.

Anyone can send a short message via the hams free of charge. Messages are usually 30 words or fewer.

The sender needs an address and a telephone number. Radio amateurs at the fair will send the message by radio to other hams that are part of a nationwide network.

The message will be relayed from ham to ham until it reaches a ham close to the message destination.

That ham either telephones the message to the recipient or delivers it in person on a RadioGram form.

Because the operators are emergency communication providers for the Red Cross, Salvation Army and local and state governments, the RadioGram service provided at the Leavenworth County Fair actually will provide a training opportunity.

Radio amateurs also serve Leavenworth County as storm-spotters.

When disaster strikes and telephones go dead, the radio amateurs provide necessary communications.

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