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Summer traditions built on volunteers

August 1, 2001

It's amazing how summer traditions continue.

This weekend, the McLouth Threshing Bee and Steam Engine Show will kick off its 44th year. And next week, the Leavenworth County Fair celebrates its 75th birthday.

Neither annual event could have survived without army after army of volunteers. These people gladly donate time and money to ensure that the threshing bee and the county fair are available for all to participate in and enjoy.

It takes a special type of person to work so diligently on a cause, and each of the volunteers at these two outstanding events deserves thanks.

Many folks take their vacation during the days before the threshing bee or during the week of the fair just to ensure they're available to help when needed.

Without people who are so committed to these two events, McLouth and Tonganoxie would be deprived of special summer traditions. And that would be a shame.

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