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Results from 4-H shooting events

August 8, 2001

Here are results from the Leavenworth County Fair's 4-H Shooting Sports Ribbon Shoot that was held July 21 at the Tri-County Rod and Gun Club near Linwood:

Basic Air Rifle, Ribbon Shoot
Champion Basic BB Gun: Nicole Allen, Tonganoxie.
Reserve Champion BB Gun: Jesse Sours, Linwood.
Champion Basic Air Rifle: Ryan Todd, Easton.
Reserve Champion Basic Air Rifle: Stephanie Reynolds, Tonganoxie.
Purple: Adam Berg, Leavenworth, Scott Berg, Leavenworth, Tyler Hutchens, Leavenworth, Aimee Ostermeyer, Tonganoxie, Alan Bauerly, Tonganoxie, Sarah Scharinger, Leavenworth, David Campbell, Leavenworth, Cally Owsley, Tonganoxie, Johnathan Turner, Linwood, Erin Wood, Tonganoxie, Nicole Allen, Tonganoxie, Stephanie Reynolds, Tonganoxie.
Blue: Jacob Reynolds, Tonganoxie.

Intermediate Air Rifle, Ribbon Shoot
Champion Intermediate BB Gun: Matthew Lutz, Tonganoxie.
Reserve Champion Intermediate BB Gun: Broc Wood, Tonganoxie.
Champion Intermediate Air Rifle: Cody Owsley, Tonganoxie.
Reserve Champion Intermediate Air Rifle: Anthony Lutz, Tonganoxie.
Purple: Clinton Kissinger, Tonganoxie, Brian Lee, Leavenworth, Matthew Lutz, Tonganoxie, Broc Wood, Tonganoxie, Cody Owsley, Tonganoxie, Anthony Lutz, Tonganoxie.
Blue: Joshua Oelschlaeger, Linwood.

Champion Archery, Elliot Matthews, Easton.
Reserve Champion Archery, Arthur Rollins, McLouth.

Basic Archery, Ribbon Shoot
Purple: Ryan Todd, Easton, Riley Vogel, Tonganoxie, Anthony Lutz, Tonganoxie, Matthew Lutz, Tonganoxie, Cally Owsley, Tonganoxie, Layci Sours, Linwood, Elliot Matthews, Easton, Arthur Rollins, McLouth.
Blue: Scott Berg, Leavenworth, Erin Sours, Linwood, Patrick Monahan, Tonganoxie.

Intermediate Archery, Ribbon Shoot
Purple: Sarah Smith, Tonganoxie, Shannon Smith, Tonganoxie, Jesse Sours, Linwood.

Basic Shotgun, Ribbon Shoot
Champion, Cody Byrns, Easton
Reserve Champion, Anthony Lutz, Tonganoxie
Purple: Cody Byrns, Easton, Anthony Lutz, Tonganoxie.
Blue: Nicholas Loreti, Leavenworth, Alan Bauerly, Tonganoxie, Arthur Rollins, McLouth, Casey Chappell, Tonganoxie, Benjamin Reynolds, Tonganoxie.

Intermediate Shotgun, Ribbon Shoot
Champion, Jeremy Winfrey, Bonner Springs.
Reserve Champion, Cody Owsley, Tonganoxie.
Purple: Brian Lee, Leavenworth, Jeremy Winfrey, Bonner Springs, Cody Owsley, Tonganoxie.
Blue: Adam Berg, Leavenworth, Becky Abramovitz, Leavenworth, Caleb Jacobs, Lawrence.

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