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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

August 15, 2001

All of a sudden it seems summer is coming to an end and the kids are back in school. "School days, School days," that first day of school, back then it was always the first Monday after Labor Day, we were always eager to go. There was always that exciting shopping trip to Topeka. I grew up on the prairie between Mayetta and Holton. Mom had always made us girls a new dress for the first day, Bud always got new bib overalls, that being what the boys all wore, we each got new shoes, and if needed we got new lunch pails.

Then as now we have some very warm days in September. However there stood that huge round, highly polished coal stove right in the center of the room. Most of us rode ponys to school, kept in the pony barn (a three-sided shelter) on the far corner of the one-acre tract that was our school ground.

We began each day circled around the flag pole as the flag was raised and saluted, ending the day again circled around the flag pole as it was lowered and folded.

Many of us remember those old one-room schoolhouses, where one teacher taught eight grades. We girls had to wear dresses to school. The only time we wore overalls was over our dresses as we rode our ponys in cold weather.

Many moms still enjoy making those back-to-school clothes, dresses, skirts, slacks and shorts (for those hot days).

Enough reminiscing here, sorry, gotta' get back into the sewing room. Watch out for those kids crossing the streets now, and don't forget you were their age and just as excited a few years ago.

See you next week, have a great week now, and God Bless, Aunt Nories P.O. Box 265 Tonganoxie KS 66086-0265.

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