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New faces to greet students

August 15, 2001

Tonganoxie schools have seen a larger-than-usual turnover of teachers this year.

Even so, superintendent Richard Erickson said the school didn't have an especially difficult time recruiting new teachers.

"We're in a time where there's a teacher shortage," Erickson said. "But there were applications for each of the positions."

Erickson added that he was impressed with the quality of the applicants, as well as the quantity.

Tonganoxie teachers, according to a two-year contract negotiated in 2000, received an average of a 4.3 percent salary increase for the 2000-2001 school year as well as for the coming year, Erickson said.

The starting salary in the district is $26,250 for the coming school year, up from $25,000 a year ago.

Erickson noted that the average Tonganoxie teacher's salary is about $42,000.

There are 96 teachers in the district.

With the school year set to begin this week, all but one of the teacher vacancies have been filled.

Erickson said that Peter LaGue will be substituting in the high school art classes until a teacher is hired.

LaGue has a background in art education, Erickson said.

Teachers leaving the district include:

Charla Jerome, junior high English; Larry Percy, high school art; Susan Lenon, sixth grade; Mike Webb, high school vocational counselor; Kelly Alexander, junior high English and high school volleyball, Russell Plashka, high school vocational agriculture; Gordon Lankenau, junior high and high school vocal music; and Stephanie Robertson, high school English;

Two teachers, Debbie Holloway and Shannon Nickell, will be transferring within the school district. Vicki Smith retired.

New positions include:

Pam Field, kindergarten vocal music; Marc Haney and Andrea Carden, sixth grade; Shawn Edie, sophomore English; Kimberly White, junior English; Liz Newcomer, college English; Randy Kraft, vocational agriculture; Joyce Steeby, junior high and high school vocal music; Sue Walker, high school at-risk instructor; and Scott Smith, vocational counselor.

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