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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

August 22, 2001

A young mother says "Aunt Norie I just have to tell you this," how her little girls are learning to sew. They've made doll clothes, sewn on buttons, etc., then, and this is what I now want to tell you. It all started when she heard as all mothers have, "But Mommie, it's my favorite dress, please don't give it away too." It was a sturdy fabric, pretty buttons and ruffles. From then on those special ones have been carefully taken apart, picked apart stitch by stitch, (by them) "with such tender loving care" and then carefully folded away. The buttons ruffles and laces then used on a new dress or sunsuit, or doll clothes, etc., or a bright piece of plaid becomes a pocket on a solid color. As this mom says, "My little girls and their friends have such great fun. They are actually learning to assemble a garment by taking one apart. Much like the little boys that have to take it apart to see how it works."

Thanks so much "mom" for sharing that with us.

A very wise and loving mom you are. There are so many young moms and dads doing a great job, seeing that idle time is wisely spent, building character and strength into future leaders. We just don't hear of and see all the good things happening. People are too prone to look for and see only the bad, the problems of the world.

Our Aunt Norie has a birthday on Friday on the 27th. We will have been in The Mirror for seven years. (We actually began back in February 1980 in the Courier.) Let's just call it our Tongie Birthday. My thanks and appreciation to so many of you. Couldn't have done it without you. I say "us," "our" and "we" because that's who "we" are.

Give someone a big hug today and one of your smiles to that one who just never seems to have one. Love you all and God Bless and keep you. Aunt Norie, P. O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086-0265.

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